Dear Diary: Quarantine Edition, Deep April

Day 43 I think But Who Cares Really?

We’re still at home and walking the thin line between being grateful that we are able to be safe and comfortable during this crisis and losing our damn minds because we have done all the things there are to do at least thrice.

It’s like the song in Disney’s Tangled where Rapunzel goes over her daily activities and ends with brushing her hair over and over again and you can hear the crazy trying to break through her cheerful demeanor. Except we aren’t brushing our hair. Seriously, certain individuals have not done that in days. But we are repeatedly washing the dishes, walking the dog, and saying no to 89% of the ideas the kids get from YouTube. Why don’t they want to watch videos about organization or amateur miming?

We did let them color their hair with washable markers tonight. I wanted to say no. I wanted to say no so much. But I also want their memories of this time to be of feeling safe and loved and having fun with their family. Not of mom and dad saying no to every request and constantly nagging them to clean up their messes. So what if my blood pressure spiked and there’s marker smudged on every surface in the house? They had a great time. It’s fine. I’m fine. Everything really is fine.

Stay 🏡 and 🧼 your 🖐 🖐.

Another Day in April

We have reached a strange place in our quarantine where Jeff’s toenails are prettier than mine and my mustache is fuller than his.

Laina treated us to/forced upon us pedicures this morning. She was very professional about the whole thing, telling us to pick a color “or else.” During the foot soak portion of our spa day/hostage situation, all four of us were crammed in the (ridiculously small) bathroom, and a cup of coffee was knocked off the vanity, sending shards of glass and coffee everywhere. We just sort of looked at each other in silence, having no idea how to even open the door much less clean up the mess in such tight quarters. I am still not sure how we got out of that, but Jeff’s toenails are bright pink now so it’s fine.

I ran out of LEGOs again and ordered some deeply discounted sets from an online toy warehouse. I suspect if they ever arrive, it will be late fall to early winter, and they will be labeled “MEGO Building Blox” or something similar. I’m not saying Jeff took away my debit card for this, but he definitely should. In the meantime, I will just wash my hands and wait for those to most likely not be delivered.


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