His Happily Ever After

As we wrap up April, things here have been more of the same: work, school, Zoom meetings, repeat. But you can always count on a Shields kid to break up the monotony.

Lucy’s writing assignment yesterday was to create her own fairy tale. I gave her a heads up about the assignment the night before so she could think about that instead of yelling from her bed that she wasn’t tired 450 times. She thought about it all night and proudly shared her ideas at breakfast the next morning:

“My fairy tale is going to be about a unicorn named Jeff who is looking for a happy ending. He doesn’t think it’s fair that all the girl unicorns get happy endings and he doesn’t. So he searches and searches and he meets Lyla and they fall in love and he finally gets his happy ending!”

After I stopped choking and cleaned up the coffee I spit all over the table, I suggested that maybe Jeff the unicorn could search for his “happily ever after” instead.

“Good idea mom! Was your coffee too hot?”

“Yup. Super hot.”

I hope you all get your happy ending, I mean happily ever after, too.




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