Dear Diary, Quarantine Edition: Day 40

40 Days and 40 Nights of Social Distancing.

I had a super crappy mom moment the other day followed by the most amazing mom moment in the history of mom moments. Let me explain…

Because I was going to be extra busy with work tasks for a couple of hours, I suggested the girls watch a documentary on Netflix until I was free to get them started on their school assignments for the day. Their mutiny was swift and harsh:

“No other mom makes their kids watch documentaries! That is so uncool!”

“Do you know anything about kids?!”

“Did you even go to school?”

As I considered what kind of soap (liquid, used bath bar, etc.) to put in their rude, filthy mouths, my work email dinged. I opened my laptop and contemplated my response to the little terrorists. The ding was a message inviting me to do an interview with a local news station about how to help kids during the COVID-19 crisis. I read the email to them and just like that, the revolt ended.

“You’re going to be famous!”

“You have to do it! This is sooooo cool!”

How quickly the tables had turned. I wish I could tell you I handled this with grace but I think I said something like, “HA! IN YOUR FACE! You said I was uncool and didn’t know anything about kids! But that’s not what the news station thinks! BOO-YA. Better go watch your documentary. And wash your hands, ya filthy animals!”


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