Still Social Distancing After All These Years


Daniel Radcliffe was on Live with Kelly and Ryan a few days ago. He shared that he is getting through his quarantine by doing LEGO. This prompted a conversation (on the show) about how to properly pluralize LEGO. It turns out the plural of LEGO is, in fact, LEGO. This is entirely new information to me. And since his character, Harry Potter, has been a LEGO figure several times, I consider him to be an authority on the topic.

Two takeaways: I have several grammatically incorrect posts out there and we are all going to have to accept that. And two, there is another adult out there using LEGO to cope with social distancing.

I spent most of the last few days trying to social distance (hide) from the girls but they kept finding me. I guess my hiding places weren’t that clever: the next room, outside, in the same room but on a different piece of furniture. You can see why it didn’t go well. What I’m saying is that we are just so blessed to spend all this time together. It’s just that if they could go to school, that might be a bigger blessing at this point. They fully agree.

Plants are the new LEGO, so in the last two weeks, I’ve planted everything that wasn’t nailed down. And now we wait. As a beginner farmer, I’ll be happy if even just one of my crops produces. Jeff says I shouldn’t use words like “farmer” and “crops” because I didn’t even plant anything in the actual ground. Fine. Master gardener it is.

We had a grooming appointment, 5 Zooms, and a drive-by birthday parade scheduled last night. I don’t want to brag, but we are social distancing our collective arses off over here. I don’t think our calendar was ever this full before Coronagate.

Is everyone thinking about what they want to do during COVID 2.0? I’ve been hitting the new hobbies pretty hard and I’m a little concerned I will have already tried everything before the predicted second wave even hits. What will I do then? Exercise? Dust? Ugh, I can’t even say this one…learn to cook? *involuntary shudder*

Does anyone teach remote snowboarding? Or ventriloquy?

ISO more time and money wasting hobbies to drive husband crazy during quarantine.