Dear Diary: Quarantine Edition, Part 3

Quarantine Day 11:

According to the press conferences I watched today, we will either be in quarantine for the next several months or just until Easter, whichever comes first. Since the outcome of all this is clearly not within my control, I moved my attention to something I do have power over: My Eyebrows.

Well, I used to be able to control those. Now they seem to have turned gray and curly. What I’m trying to say is, take down your mirrors until at least Easter.

There was a very special window of time this afternoon during which Lucy found her recorder and played 87 verses of Hot Cross Buns. We learned today that Lucy can stick with something for an incredible amount of time, especially if it irritates her sister. The recorder has been confiscated for the remainder of our lock down for the good of all people.

Enjoy your quarantine, however long it may last.

Quarantine Day 12:

Today was not ideal.

There were fun moments, sure, like when the cat dive-bombed my head during a teleconference. And when Laina tried to follow a YouTube tutorial for curling your hair with a pencil and a straight iron and melted the pencil. In her hair.

But most of the day was like what you’d get if you put work, pets, homeschooling, and alllll the laundry in a blender, one of those fancy ninja ones, turn it on high, and take the lid off. But then you don’t have a broom or mop to clean it up with so you just sort of dab at the mess with the last paper towel on the roll while you quietly weep.

On a related note, has anyone else had thoughts about hiding in the closet with a bag of chips until this thing is over? Just me? Ok. It’s fine. I’m fine.

Tomorrow will be better. Or the same. Either way, tomorrow will be a day.

Stay home, wash up…you know the drill.

Quarantine Day 13:

For Sale By Owner- Ranch style home with finished basement, 4 bedrooms, 2.5 baths, attached 2 car garage; All appliances, kids, and pets convey.


Today was, in fact, a day, as I had predicted. I’m not sure which one because we really only have day and night now to indicate the passing of time. Is it still March? Idk.

The kids did a wee bit of reading for school work and then went outside for their self-taught science class during which they planted three large trees (dead branches) and then came back in the house covered in mud, their “gym teacher” wandering in behind them, equally filthy. All three of them had to be hosed off. But they had fun and I gave up on having a clean house or children days ago.

We FaceTimed with my whole family to sing happy birthday to my brother-in-law. People were kind of popping in and out of the call, so every time someone new joined we sang again and everyone changed their filter. He will never get those 28 minutes back.

Let’s be careful out there. Except, we can’t be “out there” so just wash your hands again.

Quarantine Day 14:

A fortnight of social distancing under our belts, I went into the day with a limited supply of enthusiasm and patience. Also, toilet paper, but welcome to the club, amiright?

As my work today was pretty hectic, home learning consisted of watching a Netflix documentary and writing an essay about it. One of them fell asleep 12 minutes in, proclaiming the film “too boring” and the other took copious notes and demanded poster board for her presentation. I get a mom/teacher grade of 50% for this right?

Grateful it didn’t rain much, the Pheebs and I took a lot of walks. It’s easier to forget about Covidocalypse when you’re outside so that’s fine. I swear the dog raised her eyebrow at me when I grabbed her leash the 5th time, “Again lady? Something on your mind?”

I made wine for dinner tonight. Jeff said that isn’t sufficient nutrition for children but what does he know? He’s in sales.

Have a safe weekend full of proper hand hygiene.

Quarantine Day 15:

Since it’s the weekend, I scrapped my to-do list and did LEGOs instead. Because I’ll be 40 in 2 days and the world is basically ending and that just seemed like the thing to do. I had a few unassembled sets from a previous LEGO phase I went through so I completed those and it was super relaxing. Then I ordered more for next week. Gotta get through this thing somehow.

I’d like to tell you I made this a fun family activity, however, the truth is MOMMY DOESN’T SHARE LEGOS. Before you (accurately) judge me, I hear it. But kids be skipping steps and taking the pieces I need and before you know it, Hogwarts Castle becomes the Leaning Tower of Pisa.

Don’t worry though, the girls stayed busy too. There was pottery, movies, spilled beverages, coloring challenges via FaceTime, and a bit of the usual sass. Jeff also had a good day. He called everyone he’s ever met on the phone and washed 3-5 dishes without even being asked.

A scrub-a dub-dub to all and to all a good night.



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